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PU Flooring in Bangladesh

Polyurethane (PU) flooring is the most durable flooring solution in the world. FIRST TECH can be the first company in Bangladesh to offer PU flooring in the industrial field. PU floors are usually made for Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Laboratories, Spinning Mills, Textiles & Garments, Food Processing & Beverage, Schools, Offices, Storage Area, Commercial & Residential floors in demanding situations. Even when things go wrong, PU systems have been very stable. Most of the time, PU coats are put on concrete floors to make them smooth and resistant. It lasts a long time and can hold a lot of weight. Most places need to keep their floors in good shape, so PU floors are a great choice. Sometimes, industrial flooring is also used to measure how creatively all the needs of the maker are met.
Now, PU flooring services are growing to a worldwide level, which is very useful in real life. People who want to use services like these. PU flooring has the most power. When picking on PU flooring, you need to think about how easy it is to clean and how much traffic comes from more equipment before you move heavy pallet trolleys and forklifts.

PU Flooring in Bangladesh
PU Flooring in Bangladesh

What is PU Flooring?

PU flooring, also called polyurethane flooring, is a smooth flooring system that is used a lot in businesses, factories, and homes. It is made by mixing polyurethane resins, which are then spread on the spot to make a smooth, continuous surface. There are two main types: solvent-based PU flooring, which is great for industrial settings because it is resistant to chemicals, and water-based PU flooring, which is better for the environment and is often used in commercial areas. PU flooring is known for being durable, flexible, and good-looking. It is very resistant to wear, abrasion, and chemicals, which makes it perfect for places with a lot of foot traffic. Also, since it is seamless, it is easy to keep clean and maintain, which makes it a popular choice in many industries and places.

Preparation of PU Flooring

Preparing PU flooring is an important step that lays the groundwork for a good installation that will last for a long time. It requires completely cleaning the substrate to get rid of any contaminants and making sure it is level and free of flaws. Using a base makes the paint stick better and stops problems that could be caused by moisture. After following the instructions from the maker, the PU resin is mixed with a hardener or catalyst and then poured and spread evenly over the surface that has been prepared. After the PU flooring is put down, it needs enough time to cure before a final check can be done to make sure the quality and specifications are met. For the flooring to be long-lasting, work well, and look nice, it must be properly prepared.

PU Flooring in Bangladesh
PU Flooring in Bangladesh

About PU Industrial Flooring

PU industrial flooring is a solo suite product that proposing variety of surface profile plus performance specifications. FIRST TECH providing these PU flooring solutions as a best applicator as well as contractor with affordable price in Bangladesh. In the concept of Industrial Flooring System, the abbreviation of PU flooring is Polyurethane flooring. Due to the formulation of this flooring supplies in process of Polymer reaction of a portion of the Polymer Chemistry.

There is another name of this flooring category is Resin Flooring cause the base part of the four element materials is Resin. For the consequence of polymer reaction, erosion possibility level is zero to say. It is a one stop solution for any kinds of industrial flooring. If you think you coat your floor, simply one time for your plus your concretes whole life you should have to select this flooring solution otherwise your trouble in growing day by day.

Generally, these flooring systems have a special resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact plus thermal shock. Thousands of satisfied local plus multinational satisfied customers in Bangladesh plus international. With PU floor coating, we’re providing long term, except problem and cost-effective, flooring protection, sensible price in the most problematic environments in Bangladesh.

Undeniably, PU floor paint is the best flooring construction of choice for sharp end users, Engineers, consultants requires, suppliers plus contractors in Bangladesh plus global. We’ve supplying world best manufacture PU products such as BASF products Ucrete Industrial flooring, I-Krete MD/HD,PU-KRETE ,PU-UKRETE, Cpcrete etc.

What is the Difference Between Epoxy vs PU

Epoxy and PU (Polyurethane) are both popular choices for seamless flooring systems, but they have distinct differences in terms of characteristics and applications

Flexible vs Rigid

The main way that Epoxy and PU (Polyurethane) are different is in how flexible they are. Epoxy is hard and durable, so it can be used in industrial and business settings. It is also very resistant to chemicals. On the other hand, PU is flexible and can take a beating without breaking. This makes it great for high-traffic places and gives it better UV resistance. The choice between the two relies on the needs of the project and how flexible and long-lasting the material needs to be for the application.

Resistance to Chemicals

Epoxy and PU (Polyurethane) flooring are not the same when it comes to how well they fight chemicals. Epoxy is known for being very resistant to chemicals, which makes it a good choice for industrial areas where harsh chemicals are often used. On the other hand, PU is also resistant to chemicals, but it may be better for commercial spaces that need a mix of chemical resistance and flexibility. Which one to choose depends on what kinds of chemicals are in the surroundings and how much protection the floor surface needs.

Sensitivity to Humidity

Epoxy flooring and PU (Polyurethane) flooring are different when it comes to how they react to wetness. When it comes to installation, epoxy is more sensitive to humidity, and if there is too much wetness, it can cause problems with sticking and performance. On the other hand, PU is less affected by humidity, which makes it a better choice for places with different amounts of moisture. It gives you more options for how to put it, so you can use it on both dry and slightly damp surfaces. When choosing between Epoxy and PU flooring, it is important to think about the climate and the amount of moisture in the subfloor.

UV Stability

When it comes to being stable in the sun, Epoxy and PU (Polyurethane) floors are not the same. When epoxy is exposed to UV rays, it tends to turn yellow and break down. This makes it less useful for outdoor uses. On the other hand, PU is more resistant to UV light and keeps its color and features for a longer time. This makes it a better choice for outdoor use or places that get a lot of sunlight.

The Usage of Polyurethane (PU Flooring) in Industrial Flooring System

Due to its great qualities and performance, polyurethane (PU) flooring has become a popular choice for industrial flooring systems. It can be used in places with heavy machinery and a lot of foot traffic because it is flexible and resistant to impact. This makes it less likely to get damaged or worn down. PU flooring is very resistant to chemicals, oils, and solvents, which makes it a good choice for businesses where harsh substances are used. Its smooth, non-porous surface keeps dirt and germs from building up, making it easy to clean and keeping hygiene standards high. Because PU flooring is resistant to UV light, it can be used both indoors and outdoors in industrial areas. It is a durable and long-lasting flooring option for a wide range of uses.

Application Process PU Flooring

The application process of PU (Polyurethane) flooring involves several essential steps to ensure a successful and long-lasting installation:

Surface Preparation


Mixing the PU Resin



Final Inspection

Throughout the application process, attention to detail, proper mixing, and following manufacturer guidelines are essential to achieve the desired performance and longevity of the PU flooring.

PU Flooring in Bangladesh
PU Flooring in Bangladesh

The Benefits of PU Flooring

Antistatic & Anti-Corrosive

Durable, Tough & Impervious

Ensures Complete Satisfaction

Hygienic & Food Grade

High-Temperature Resistant

High-Abrasion Resistant

Impact and Pressure Resistant

Light Chemicals Resistant

Long-Lasting & Economical

Solvent Free

Slip Resistant & Easy to Clean

Weather Resistant

Widely Preferred

Area of Usage

Hospitals & Pharmaceuticals

Beverages & Food Processing

Engineering & Chemicals

Hotel, Kitchen & Cafeteria

Warehouses & Stores

Salt & Acid Areas

Any Kinds of Heavy Load Areas

Any Kinds of Industries

PU Flooring in Bangladesh

Why First Tech BD is The Best PU Flooring Service Company in Bangladesh

First Tech BD has earned a reputation as the best PU flooring service company in Bangladesh, providing top-quality flooring solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, the company has surpassed its competitors in the industry. Here’s why First Tech BD stands out and leads the market in PU flooring services:

Expertise and Experience

Quality Products and Materials

Innovative Solutions

Customization and Design Options

Timely Project Execution

Excellent Customer Service

Competitive Pricing

Safety Measures

These attributes combined establish First tech bd as a reliable and reputable choice for PU flooring services in Bangladesh, making them the go-to company for those seeking durable, visually appealing, and professionally executed flooring solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PU flooring?

PU flooring, or Polyurethane flooring, is a type of synthetic floor coating known for its durability and versatility. It is widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications due to its excellent resistance to wear, chemicals, and abrasions. PU flooring provides a seamless, smooth finish, making it easy to clean and maintain, while also offering an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the floor surface.

What is the material used in PU flooring?

The material used in PU flooring is polyurethane, a synthetic compound derived from petrochemicals. It is a versatile polymer that can be formulated into different types of coatings and is known for its exceptional durability, resistance to wear, and chemical resilience.

Is PU flooring better than epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring outperform polyurethane ones in terms of hardness, durability, and compressive strength. They are therefore the preferable option for heavy-duty businesses, storage facilities, and logistics hubs with high forklift usage.

Is PU waterproof?

Yes, to a certain extent, is the quick response. Different polyurethanes vary in their ability to absorb moisture for a variety of reasons. When compared to other materials, thermoset polyurethanes may virtually absorb no water, depending on the material’s physical characteristics.