Cellular Lightweight Insulating Concrete Floor

Cellular Lightweight Insulating Concrete Floor

Only FIRSTTECH can Introduce Roof Top Heat insulation systems in Bangladesh. It’s the world’s Latest Heat Insulation System. Discover the benefits of the cellular lightweight insulating concrete floor. Enhance efficiency and insulation in your spaces. Foam Concrete is also Known as ” Cellular light weight concrete“, “CLC”, “Foamed cement”, and “Light Weight Concrete” across the world with its greater advantages from 5 years. The basic foam concrete is made by mixing aqueous foam which is produced from generators (IFG) into a Slurry of Cement, fly ash OR sand, water, and other additives in a precise mixing in foam concrete mixer(IFM) for accurate mixing without disturbing its original chemical and physical properties.


  • Light in Weight
  • High Thermal Insulation
  • High Fire Protection
  • High Sound Insulation
  • Lower Water Absorption
  • Eco Friendly
  • Economical

Recommended usage of CLC/Foam Concrete based on density

  • Density 300-600 kg/m³: This density is primarily applied for thermal insulation or fire protection. It uses only cement (or little fly ash), water and foam and can easily be pumped. Foam generators allow the production of stiff foam for slopes to be applied on roof-tops.
  • Density 700-800 kg/m³: Is also used for void-filling, such as an landscaping (above underground construction), to fill voids behind archways and refurbishing of damaged sewerage systems. It is also been used to produce building blocks.
  • Density 900-1100 kg/m³: Serves to fore mostly produce blocks and other non-load bearing building elements such as balcony railings, partitions, parapets and fence walls etc.
  • Density 1200-1400 kg/m³: Are the most commonly densities for prefab and cast in situ walls, load-bearing and non-load-bearing. It is also successfully used for floor screeds (sound and insulation plus weight reduction).
  • Density 1600-1800 kg/m³: would be recommended for slabs and other load-bearing building elements where higher strength is obligatory.