Construction Chemicals In Bangladesh

Construction Chemicals In Bangladesh

Construction Chemicals is  Developing the Construction Sector day by day in Bangladesh. FIRSTTECH imports Many types of important Construction Chemicals & It’s  Supply all over Bangladesh. Discover top-notch construction chemicals in Bangladesh for enhanced durability and performance. Elevate your projects with us.

Construction chemicals have always been playing important roles in virtually all sorts of construction projects, be it industrial projects, residential building projects, commercial building projects, and so on. These chemicals are often used in various elements of projects in order to achieve various important qualities such as workability, durability, etc. Construction chemicals exist in many varieties from a large number of manufacturers worldwide.

Curing compounds

A popular construction chemical widely used in most major projects, especially, industrial ones, these chemicals are often much better substitutes to the conventional method of curing, ie water curing. Curing compounds prevents escape of moisture from freshly laid concrete by sealing the concrete surface and hence water curing becomes unnecessary.

Waterproofing chemicals

These chemicals can be quite useful when a structure’s waterproofing capability is to be given a boost which is especially required for structures constantly dealing with liquids. There are many varieties. Some of them are crystalline waterproofing chemicals, liquid acrylic elastomeric waterproofing compounds, polymer modified waterproofing compounds, cementitious waterproofing compounds etc. Many of these compounds form membranes on the concrete surfaces to protect them from ingress of water.

Swelling water stops

These are primarily used in construction joints. Quite easy to install, good quality swelling water stops can be more efficient and economic option to the conventional PVC waterstops in many cases. These chemicals seal the joints by their swelling action when they come in contact with the water of freshly poured concrete.


These construction chemicals are readily used in all sorts of projects, be it commercial, residential, industrial etc. construction projects. Adhesives are expected to have strong bonding capacity besides good waterproofing, weatherproofing etc.


Grouts have an edge over ordinary grouts especially in harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to extreme temperatures, oil, grease, acids, chemicals and so on. Besides, they are much more durable and abrasion, impact, stain resistant as compared to ordinary grouts. However, they are more expensive too. Having good vibration damping characteristics, epoxy grouts are quite suitable for grouting of industrial equipment or machine foundations.