ETP Protective Coating in Bangladesh

Elevate protection with ETP protective coating in Bangladesh. Trusted and effective solutions for ultimate surface safeguarding.

ETP Protective Coating Is a chemical barrier of concrete from the high voltage chemical reaction. Only a 300-micron thickness protective coating protects the surface from erosion. Utilizing our extensive range of products, combined with the expert knowledge and experience of our people, from buildings to bridges and primary & secondary concrete containment. FIRSTTECH can assist you to achieve the best protective coating solution for your project It is easy to apply by roller, brush, and spray. The popular color is black in Bangladesh.


Advantages & Benefits:


  • Protect ETP structure from deterioration
  • Capable to tolerate maximum 400 degree Fahrenheit
  • Durable, long lasting and trusted product specially chemical treatment tank
  • Green certified and low volatile organic compound (VOC) products
  • Certified by Accord Board
  • Economical and low maintenance cost
  • Unique and beautiful looking environment