flooring in sports and multipurpose halls are expected to meet a variety of performance requirements. Indoor sports surfaces not only offer optimized functional sporting properties but also durability as well as resilience. Last but not least, indoor flooring can bear seating and short-term superstructures without any damages over the long term. regugym® indoor sports surfaces have proven their performance in sports, training, culture and leisure events for decades. They are suited for international championships and cultural events as well as for school sports and training. regugym® flooring offer unconfined functionality also under heavy-duty use in high-frequency areas such as in gastronomy and the workplace.

Apart from complete flooring systems, BSW also supplies elastic components for the sports floorings of various manufacturers.  Our customers include many renowned companies. Please visit our Customer Solutions Center to find out more.
► Shock absorption
Absorbs impacts from jumps and protects the joints and muscles involved, making exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.
► Vertical deformation
Excellent power return enables athletes to increase their on-court performance. Superior vertical
stability eliminates “area” indentation.

► Superior ball bounce
A good sports floor has identical ball bounce in all areas and all across the floor.

► Sliding properties
Optimal slip coefficient offers natural grip avoiding falls and accidents, provides a safe playing surface.