Car Parking System

FIRSTTECH offer Various type of Car parking flooring System Commercial & residential in Bangladesh. it’s a Specialized, stiff flooring system with anti‐slip properties. Durable epoxy paint for car flooring is available in Bangladesh. Enhance your garage with quality and style. To be used in the internal garage and parking facilities subject to pressure typical to wheel traffic – passenger cars, technical vehicles, and trucks.

Car Parking Flooring systems to be used on stabilized concrete foundations and cement screeds, meeting standard smoothness and capacity‐carrying parameters in the area of internal garages and multi‐place parking:

  • vehicle routes
  • parking spaces
  • exit ramps


  • Epoxy car parking floors look much better than plain concrete flooring.
  • Epoxy car parking flooring is non-porous.
  • Epoxy car parking flooring is easier to care for than concrete flooring.
  • Epoxy car parking floors are more durable than untreated concrete.
  • Epoxy car parking floors can easily hide blemishes in a currently laid concrete floor.
Best Epoxy Paint for Car Flooring in Bangladesh