Acrylic Waterproofing in Bangladesh

FIRSTTECH can provide World Class & Latest Waterproofing Systems. They First Introduce acrylic Base Waterproofing Solution in Bangladesh. They Already achieved satisfaction from their Customer with this product’s service. It’s called Acrylic based Waterproofing membrane. acutely  Acrylic Based is Polymer modified hybrid waterproofing system which has many uses like waterproofing toilets, sunken portions, roofs, swimming pools, water tanks, asbestos roofs, terraces, china chips terraces, etc. It can also be used for crack repair and rehabilitation projects. Acrylic base waterproofing is flexible in nature and it has a crack-bridging capacity of up to 5 mm. Acrylic base waterproofing also works as an excellent bonding material. It bonds well with most construction materials such as wood, glass, metal, etc. It also helps bonding of new and old concrete mortar, repair and patch repair of concrete. Acrylic base waterproofing helps to bond two different materials, metal and concrete, PVC pipe and concrete, wood and concrete, etc, which is common for any construction site.




1. UV resistant & Self-curing
2. Easy application
3. Solvent free – environmentally friendly
4. Available in several colors
5. Applied to moist or damp substrates
6. Withstands pedestrian and light traffic; resists mechanical wear, abrasion and de-icing salts
7. Resists strong hydrostatic pressure Permanently flexible coating, elongation up to 700%
8. Crack bridging up to (5 mm)